NO Health Questions; Sickness and Accident ('gap') Benefits, Pays in addition to other coverage - includes Unlimited NO COST Telephonic or Video Doctor Consultations (24/7) and more...

      Coverage for Doctor Office Visits, Outpatient Services & Daily Hospital Indemnity; use ANY Provider OR use the National Discount Provider Network (save up to 25%)to REDUCE OUT OF POCKET COSTS...(Our #1 'gap' plan!!)
      Coverage for 1st day Hospital Admission, plus Daily Hospital Indemnity, In/Out Patient Surgical Benefit, ER Visits and Ground Ambulance, $10,000 of Term Life Insurance (primary member & covered spouse) & $3,000 Term Life Insurance (each covered child) , plus a National Veterinary Discount Network and more

    Medical Coverage to $1M or $2M

      Guarantee Issue STM with 100% coverage (no coinsurance) to $1M after the deductible is met. Deductibles: $100 to $5,000- Available in AZ, CA, CT, GA, IL, LA, MN, OK, TX & VA with more states to come. Re-writes available in all states where product is available, with no gap in coverage and no maximum cap on number of rewrites. 3 month maximum duration for each term of coverage; 12 month pre-existing provision and deductible re-sets for each 3 month duration.
      STM product for individuals or families - providing nearly 12 months of coverage with a one-time purchase of four certificates that provide consecutive coverage without gaps in coverage.
      UNIQUE FEATURES: NEW HEALTH CONDITIONS occurring any time during the nearly 12 months of consecutive coverage are not considered pre-existing health conditions. Health conditions occurring, treated and/or recognized in the period BEFORE the STM effective date are considered pre-existing conditions.
      Deductibles: $1,000 to $10,000 - Coinsurance: 70/30 or 80/20 - Max Benefits: $100,000 to $1,000,000
      A+ rated insurance carrier - Online enrollment
      those traveling abroad or into the U.S. needing Medical coverage


      2 plans - Silver or Gold - Issue Ages 18-84 - Use any dentist or eye doctor
      Basic or Premiere - Issue Ages 0-99 - No Claim Forms In Network; over 200,000 Dental locations nationally - From $19/mo
      Premiere - Issue Ages 0-99 - No Claim Forms In Network; over 60,000 Vision locations nationally - From $9/mo


      Physician Consultations on your phone/smart device/internet from Anywhere; 24/7 Telemedicine - NO COST consultations/Unlimited use