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General Agent Center has been a national distributor of industry leading health insurance products since 1973, serving over 25,000 agents and brokers nationwide. We work with Associations, Credit Unions and Small and Large Employer cross country to help provide excellent benefit options from a variety of insurance carriers and benefit providers.

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Accident Coverage

Accident Coverage

Accident Coverage that helps fill the gap.

Dental, Vision & Hearing (DVH)

100% Coverage with NO WAITING PERIOD for routine dental, vision and hearing exams.

Pivot Short Term Medical

Pivot Health has multiple short term medical (STM) plan designs that utilize either an open, all-access network or a national PPO network in many states.
mdhotline telemedicine


Telemedicine 24/7 with instant access to board certified physicians.
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1.As an Agent, where can I find product and enrollment training?

The General Agent Center YouTube Channel features up to date product and online enrollment training available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Additionally, you may contact marketing at our toll free number during regular business hours. 800-366-2467

Online, via your personalized selling links.

GAC consistently works and vets their carriers for value and claim service.

Depending on the carrier, the process can take up to 7 business days as long as the required paperwork has been received.

Weekly. Each day you submit business (Mon-Thur), we post/show each day’s business on your Commission detail as ‘pending progress’ report the following day – it shows daily activity. We run a new business cycle each Friday*. The Friday new business report on your commission detail – compiles all new business you submitted and was issued in the prior 7 days, showing your commissions paid. See GAC Getting Started for more details.

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